Most Common Candida Infection

The unknown but most common infection

According to the Rice University research, it is said that almost 70 percent of people have Candida infections. It can be find in mouth, skin or in the intestines of human body. Most of the people do not know about the infection, but there are few symptoms which can help you to know if you are effected by Candida or no.

Reasons why Fungal Infections are common these days:

  • The main reason why fungal infections are common these days are because the quality of the food has been decreased and poor quality of food are being used by people. These days a lot of artificial chemicals and other stuff are being used in food which are not at all healthy.
  • High usage of drugs and other antibiotics are not good for us, they create acidic environment in our blood and due to that our immunity gets weak.
  • Daily meals which are full of sugar and high cholesterol are not good for our candida as well, there are no minerals in it and they just make us fat and unhealthy.

These are few of the reasons why almost every other person is having fungal infections.

To assure that you have Candida infection you can take tests for mycose traitement and there are a lot of candida tests out there;

Stool Testing:

Stool testing is known to be one of the accurate tests out there. This test will identify the yeast of Candida as it will check your colon and your lower intestines. One thing you need to make sure when you go to take this test is that you need to assure that your doctor have advised you to take comprehensive stool test and not the ordinary one.

Urine Organix Dysbiosis Test:
This test will find D-arabinitol, it is the waste product of the over growth of Candida yeast. This test will tell you if your Candida is over growth or no, and it will also indicate the location of the over growth Candida.

Blood Test:

IgG, IgA, and IgM are the levels of Candida and one should check them to know if there is an over growth of Candida or not. And you can check them by ding a blood test, because if they have high levels then it means that there is an over growth of candida.

If you do not want to go to any medical labs then you can do one test at your home as well. It is called the spit test. You can do this test early morning when you haven’t brush your teeth or eaten anything, spit in a bowl and leave it for around 15 minutes then observe if there are any white projections coming out, if they are then it is a sign that you have an infection.

These are few of the tests which you can take to figure out if you have Candida infection or no. If you are getting symptoms of Candida then you should definitely take any of these tests to make sure that about your candida problems.