Basics of Dog Training Need To Read Every Dog Owners

Training your new dog cannot start too early. Your new friend is raring to go and dog training basics start early too. Your pup is anxious to play and learn all at the same time. The key is to provide puppy training that will help him develop into a newly skilled and, of course, very talented member of your family.

Start early and start correctly or he will decide that he is in charge, leading to all sorts of behavioral problems. Your puppy or your new dog needs to recognise early on that this is a pack, he is a member, but he is not in charge.

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Your dogs learning can be divided into 5 parts

Teaching: the part where you have to demonstrate exactly what you want doggy to do.

Practicing: once your furry friend has picked up what you are teaching him to do, then practice, practice, practice

The wide ranging step

Which Cage Type Is Right For You?

It is easy to imagine how it feels like having a home. It is also true for birds. They need a home and cages are built to meet their needs. Choosing the right cage is helpful for your pet birds to live in a happy and comfortable environment. It also produces a healthy environment. Finding the right cage can be challenging but a little research can help to find the perfect bird cage.

Choosing the right bird cage needs to take some factors into account. Your bird should not be exposed to risks. Take into consideration that the cage has bigger spaces between bars in order to prevent your bird from any injuries. Pay attention to bird’s head which should not fit between the bars.Usually large cage is ideal for a bird’s cage. Even small birds need space to fly around. Medium to large birds will definitely need large cages that can accommodate them and make them fly in the cage.  Find a cage that is easy to maintain and clean.

  • If you have just got a bird and you are thinking about buying a cheaper and durable cage, then Acrylic cage is right for you. It is made of plastic. Although these cages are made with plastic material, these will not break or crack easily. These are more durable. Moreover these are inexpensive and can easily be found in pet stores. A good thing is that you can design the ideal cage because these cages are custom made.
  • Another type of cages is stainless steel bird cages. These cages are known for excellent quality and durability. But these are the most expensive of the all the cage types. Their expensiveness is understandable by taking into account their quality. They can last a lifetime. They are non toxic because stainless steel has no paints that can harm the birds. These types of cages also resist the growth of any bacteria. Moreover stainless steel bird cages are easy to clean. These cages are worth buying for because of the great benefits they have to offer.
  • Style is something that is very important for some people. The wooden bird cage is the perfect type, in case; you are looking for style in a cage. These cages offer both beauty and style. There is attraction in these cages as compared to other types of cages. But their material does not make these ideal bird homes.It is because Parrots like chewing wood.  Wooden cages add beauty in your home.

Cages can be found with different specifications, but they should be selected based on your needs. You should make an assessment of your needs. Set your priorities about the different qualities of bird cages. There are three types of bird cages Acrylic cages, stainless steel bird cages and wooden cages. These three types have their advantage and disadvantages. Assess them based on your priorities. The best way is to take time and research about these types.

Tooti Day 1 at Our Hhome

Tooti is getting used to everything quite nicely. She is lovely in her cage, looking and feeling at every single thing she sees. She plays with her toys, she lets us pet her and she eats out of our hands. One time she seems really to like to be petted and she even comes with her head forward, and a moment later it seems like she doesn’t want to be petted at all. Do you wish to see such story, visit  or continue to reading i.e Escaped!On the first day Tooti was with us at home, she had the need to leave the cage.

At the time it was open, she took a flight out. She landed smoothly, but then tried to explore the living room. The poor thing tried to fly. We were not sure at first that clipping her wings was a good choice, but we are very happy that we have done it. The key consideration was that they are more manageable. She tried to fly and went through the whole living room, but of course she couldn’t go very high. This made it pretty hard for her and twice she flown into something.


Fortunately, no damage is showing. I myself was quite uncomfortable but thankfully the man of the house was at home and he put her back in her cage Blanket because we had read that a parrot needs pretty much sleep, and Tooti didn’t really sleep a lot because she wanted to keep an eye on everything, we have thrown a blanket over her cage around 20:00.

At the bottom of the cage, there was, however, still a part of the cage uncovered. We heard Tooti go around the whole cage and eventually she was exactly on the one spot where the blanket wasn’t, looking outside. We have therefore removed the blanked again. She wants to be as high as possible so we felt sorry for her. But this already shows how clever this young parrot is!